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A Regenerative Food Collective

Ancient Grain Pasta

Our multi-grain pasta is shaped with bronze dies in small batches, slowly air-dried at room temperatures to preserve the texture, nutrients and flavour inherent in these beautiful grain varieties.

Our Pasta Collection

Transform your kitchen with pantry staples—pasta, cereal, and baking essentials—all crafted from ancient grains and botanicals. Sourced from regenerative farmers, our ingredients promise superior flavours while nourishing your body and mind. Discover and delight your palate, all while supporting biodiversity and nature-positive agriculture.


Bronze Pasta

Multi-grain blend 

Pasta Shapes

Campanelle, Casarecce, Creste di Gallo

Unveiling the palates of old, one grain at a time


The Legends Pasta Collection is a tribute to the palates of old, unveiling the richness of traditional grains one at a time. It features 3 pasta varieties, each a unique blend of ancient Einkorn, Quintus, Oberkulmer, and Heliaro wheat.

Crafted into distinctive pasta shapes such as Creste curls, Campanelle bells, and Casarecce twists, these pasta embody the boldness, tranquility, and radiance of ancient wheat and spelt variants. 

All shaped with a bronze die for the ultimate texture and sauce adherence.


Fusion Pasta

Multi-grain blend with gourmet boost

Pasta Shapes

Radiatori, Zucca, Quattrotini

A Symphony of Flavours, Crafted with Passion

The Gastronomica Collection is an exploration of sensory delights, meticulously crafted to elicit a symphony of flavours. Each dish within the collection offers a unique blend of taste and texture, creating an immersion into a world of culinary passion.

From the mesmerising allure of cacao & squid Ink to the comforting embrace of chestnuts and almonds, each bite promises a passionate gastronomic journey. It's not just food, it's an experience, a story of flavours crafted with passion.

All shaped with a bronze die for the ultimate texture and sauce adherence.


Origins Pasta

Multi-grain pasta with superfood grains, nuts and seeds

Pasta Shapes

Creste di Gallo, Casarecce, Radiatori

A Harvest Fusion of Unique Origins

The Estate Pasta Collection is a celebration of diversity and heritage, underscoring the importance of our collective efforts in preserving biodiversity. This collection showcases unique pasta varieties, crafted from a rich array of grains, botanicals, and superfoods from different farmers.

Each pasta promises an immersive food experience, taking you on a journey of unique flavours, vibrant colours, and rich textures, while also contributing to a regenerative food future.

All shaped with a bronze die for the ultimate texture and sauce adherence.

As Daan Barber once said, 'Food is a universal language, a communicator, a bridge and a window to others’ cultures and history. It’s also something that you can really enjoy and that brings people together.'

We invite you to be part of Gabanna Collective, a regenerative lifestyle movement. It’s about connecting like-minded individuals who share a passion for regenerative, gourmet food and creating unique culinary experiences that transcend conventional dining.

Collaborative Efforts for a Regenerative Food Future


Gabanna welcomes collaboration from partners who share our passion for promoting a regenerative and circular food system.
We are eager to work with those who recognise the transformative power of local biodiversity, creative food innovation, and nature-inclusive farming. We aim to bring our products to Neighbourhood Stores, Chefs for Local Food, Retailers 


Biodiversity-Centred Food Innovation with Ancient Grains & Heritage Crops.


Revitalising Food and Nature Through Innovative Processing Technology

Gabanna Foodworks, we are a collaborative food studio committed to fostering a flourishing ecosystem where biodiversity-rich food thrives. Utilising technology and innovation as catalysts, we aim to build a healthier society and a regenerative planet. Our dedication is to craft exceptional food products, leveraging a diverse selection of ingredients with a focus on nutrition, flavour, and farm source.

We strongly advocate for localised food processing as a crucial intervention, promoting robust, regenerative, and healthy food futures centred around short food chains.

In an effort to build a flourishing ecosystem where biodiversity-rich food thrives, we realised we had to create an alternative processing infrastructure under Foodmills. Foodmills is a technology company that provides automated, user-friendly manufacturing solutions for localised food processing, aiming to foster a regenerative and circular food system through smart technology and local biodiversity.

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