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A Product Development & Process Optimisation Food Studio

Biodiversity-Centred Food Innovation with Ancient Crops & Heritage Plants.

Our Purpose

Localised food processing that fosters a regenerative and circular food system

We are a collaborative food studio committed to building a flourishing ecosystem where biodiversity-rich food thrives, utilising technology and innovation as catalysts for a healthier society and a regenerative planet.

Our dedication lies in biodiversity preservation, advocating for nature-positive agriculture, and advocating for the importance of localised food processing as crucial interventions for a robust, regenerative, and healthy future centred around short food chains.


Food R&D, Batch Manufacturing Services & Processing Innovation


Pasta & Hot Cereal

Retail brands, Chefs, Food Service

Batch Production

Small MoQ, Customised, Seasonal

For challenger brands, farmer cooperatives, and catering services, we offer the opportunity to have your own customised pasta and breakfast cereal. We are your private label manufacturing partner, specialising in the development and production of pasta and cereal that is tailored to your unique positioning. Through our small batch production approach and commitment to using circular and seasonal harvest ingredients, we create custom products that highlight the flavours and richness of nature.


Farm to Product

Ingredient to Ready Product

Plug & Play

Containerised Production Unit

Tailored microfactory stations with smart processing lines designed to meet the local processing demand. We are developing small scale smart manufacturing infrastructure offers flexible and accessible batch manufacturing. It is setup and customised to absorb locally available crops and biodiversity.

The processing line is built with automation and smart data, ensuring that it is user-friendly and accessible to everyone. With its automated and intelligent processing features, operating the microfactory becomes effortless for anyone, regardless of your level of expertise. 


Harvest Pasta

Ancient multigrain, Slow carbs, Gourmet

Hot Cereal

Sorghum, Oats, Amaranth, Functional

Fiori Harvest is positioned as a regenerative Food Brand that's at the forefront of biodiversity gastronomy. Offering a diverse selection of products, starting with ancient grain pasta, gourmet pasta, delightful breakfast and snacking cereal, all made with heritage crops and ancient grains. Also, it curates exquisite nouveau baking and pantry essentials. Experience the richness & flavours of nature with every bite!


Revitalising Food and Nature Through Innovative Processing Technology

Gabanna Foodworks focuses on using food as a central force in revitalising and regenerating our immediate ecosystem. We believe in the importance of the food we eat and our relationship with nature. Our approach begins with innovative processing technology that allows for localised food production, multi-crop ingredient formulations, and supports sourcing from regenerative farmers.



Gabanna Foodworks works to tackle the limited access to processing technologies and maximise the abundant biodiversity in local ecosystems. Through a focus on product and process innovation, we provide practical solutions for food production, product formulation and quality of food options. Our microfactory strategy enables localised food processing which establish transparent and fair supply chains that strengthen farmer communities and enhance food sufficiency.

Africa: Missing Middle - Infrastructure For Food

Gabanna Foodworks aims to increase the availability of biodiversity-rich foods in partnership with EU regenerative farmers. By utilising localised processing, we combine ancient grains and novel ingredients sourced from the local area to create food products that are enriched with biodiversity. Our goal is to establish a localised food ecosystem that promotes nature-inclusive, regenerative practices and encourages the use of diverse ingredients in the food industry, including sorghum, amaranth, ancient grains, heirloom beans, and botanicals.

Europe: Better Food, Better Biodiversity With Regenerative Agriculture

Research & Development, Processing & Impactful Projects


Your Partner - Innovate, Create, Impact

Gabanna Foodworks extends an invitation to all challenger brands, farmer groups, impact-driven organisations, and smart-tech companies to join us in connecting and collaborating. As your dedicated food partner, we provide a comprehensive range of services, including product research and development, manufacturing solutions, and socio-ecological impact projects.
Whether you're a startup, an ethical brand, or a farmer in need of processing solutions, we are here to offer our support. Let's work together to create a thriving world through regenerative and circular food systems.

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