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Biodiversity-Centred Food Innovation with Ancient grains and Heritage Crops


Gabanna Foodworks: A Fusion of Innovation and Regenerative Agriculture

Gabanna Foodworks embodies the identity of a maker and evangelist. We have an unwavering passion for innovation and a strong commitment to regenerative agriculture. As makers, we continually push boundaries and create fusion food experiences that leave a lasting impression on both our taste buds and your mind and body. As evangelists, we tirelessly advocate for the significance of regenerative, circular and nourishing food choices. We aim to inspire and empower others to join this movement that is revolutionising the way we perceive food and farming.

Reimagining the Food System through Localised Food Innovations

We work within a food studio model that prioritises creativity, experimentation, and local biodiversity. Collaboration and shared learning are essential, as we bring together chefs, ingredient experts, farmers, and mechanical engineers to collaborate on creating innovative food products and processing techniques. Our approach combines unconventional fields of knowledge and expertise.

Whether you are interested in having our products under your own brand, in your retail store, or if you are a chef looking for something unique, we can certainly collaborate and create something together.

A Personal Journey and Bridging Boundless Ideas 

Embracing, Learning and Building Within Complexity

My personality and learning appetite gravitates towards unraveling complex concepts and establishing connections between seemingly unrelated ideas and systems. It is the joy and satisfaction derived from this process that I infuse into the food works at Gabanna. My goal is to share unique and exciting food experiences that make people feel cared for and foster an appreciation for the natural world, even if it may seem distant to some.

In the product design and development process, I incorporate elements inspired by tropical elements, Mediterranean influences, and the Dutch robustness. My aim is to create food experiences that demonstrate a profound care for the natural world and bring warmth and pleasure to the dining table at home.

The desire to utilise a diverse range of natural ingredients stems from a preference for a slower approach to food, particularly inspired by the concept of slow food. Each season's harvest brings something distinctive, and every grain variety possesses its own unique characteristics. By embracing these differences and allowing ourselves the luxury of time, we can create nourishing and gourmet food moments that cater to everyone.

Industry & Mission-driven Partners

Collective Efforts Towards Better Food Futures

Let's embark on a collaborative journey where we co-create products, exchange ideas, share knowledge, and stand united as change-makers in the fields we passionately pursue. Your collaboration is not just welcomed; it's the driving force behind our shared vision for a food future that is sustainable, inclusive, and groundbreaking.

Within this collaborative ecosystem, we nurture a culture of shared learning and creativity, constantly pushing boundaries and challenging traditional practices. This dynamic approach not only fuels innovation within our own organisation but also serves as a wellspring of inspiration for others to join us in transforming the entire food system.

Collaboration lies at the core of Gabanna Foodworks' mission to revolutionise and reshape the food industry. We firmly believe that uniting with a diverse array of partners – from passionate home foodies and nature-inclusive farmers to skilled chefs, ingredient experts, and innovative mechanical engineers – allows us to amalgamate collective knowledge and expertise. Together, we strive to redefine the landscape of food production and consumption.

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